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Poker Tournament
A poker tournament is an event in which the winners are decided by playing poker, typically a particular style of poker.

You may contrast this to a ring game, where the game is ongoing with no formal structure to determine a single winner in a certain length of time.

Two types of tournament: Single table tournaments and Multi Table Tournaments are widely known.

A Single Table Tournament is held once the required number of players has registered.

A Multi Table Tournament on the other hand, is launched at a specific starting time.

To join a tournament, players generally pay an entry fee before a tournament starts. There is no rake for the tournaments. In its place, players pay a small fee on top of the entrance fee which goes to the house. Winning booty is awarded to the top finishers in the tournament using a predetermined prize structure.

Players do not opt a seat at a table and then buy in. Instead they register themselves in a tournament and wait to be assigned a seat. The players are seated randomly around the table and each player is given a predetermined number of chips.

Players, however, cannot buy more chips during a tournament, unless the tournament allows re-buys and add-ons. Once players lose all of their chips, they are out of the tournament. This is known as freeze-out. A tournament comes to an end when one player has won all of the chips.

Tournament poker has risen in popularity and has never been more popular. There is no getting around it, poker tournaments are so exciting. No other poker format provides as appealing a risk versus reward scenario, or gets the competitive juices flowing like a poker tournament, in which players can convert a modest buy-in into an incredible windfall.