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Poker Terms

Action: A fold, call, bet, raise or check,. For few situations, doing something formally connected with the game that conveys information about your hand may also be considered as having taken action. Examples would be showing your cards at the end of the hand, or indicating the number of cards you are taking at draw.

Blind: A necessary bet made before any cards are dealt.

Check-raise: To waive the right to bet until a bet has been made by an opponent, and then to raise the bet by at least an equal amount when it is your turn to act.

Dead Money: Chips that are taken into the center part of the pot because they are not considered part of a particular players bet.

Early Position - Being one of the first to act in a betting round. Usually a disadvantage.

Free Card - The card you get as result of semi-bluffing from late or last position so that all the players check to you.

Gutshot Draw - A straight draw where only one card will complete the hand.

Implied Odds - The odds you are getting after the assumed result of betting for the remainder of the hand.

Kill Game - A game where certain predetermined requirements creates higher stakes and/or create a third blind.

Limping - Calling a blind pre-flop without raising.

Main Pot - The first established pot before a player goes all-in and creates a side pot.

Outs - The number of cards left in the deck that will improve your hand.

Pre-Flop - The space of time after you've been dealt your pocket cards and before the flop is dealt.

Quarter -
1. What you need to call your friend to pick you up after you lose all your money playing Hold'em before reading up on strategy.
2. What your opponent will need to call his or her friend after playing you after you read up on strategy.

River - The fifth and last community card dealt face up in a Hold 'EM game.

Stash- A poker player's "gamblin' money".

Value Bet - A bet which, if made in that position each time, is expected to produce longterm value for the player making the bet.